Manuka Honey
Tendering & Moisturising Cream


Product Features

  • Intense hydration; deeply moisturises thirsty skin.
  • Locks water in the skin for long lasting moisture.
  • Repairs damage and builds a healthy skin barrier.
  • Free from salicylic acid, nonylphenol, alcohol, heavy metals and hormones.


Ingredients & Benefits

  • New Zealand Manuka Honey: Contains a unique, active antibacterial ingredient - UMF Monomalin. Extracted and tested to certify its purity and authenticity, this ensures that Manuka’s natural characteristics play an active role, nourishing, soothing and healing dry, damaged and sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin E: A fat soluble, natural antioxidant that has the ability to capture free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays and eliminate the erosion of free radicals in the human body.
  • Avocado Essence: Avocado oil that’s rich in vitamin E can help the skin to fight free radicals, ultraviolet rays, pollutants and maintain skin elasticity to reduce wrinkles. The oil also has a good anti-inflammatory effect, helps to to repair psoriasis, relieve itching and treat acne.
  • Sustainable Palm Oil: It has a high level of permeability and creates a stable emulsion. Used to leave skin nourished and intensely moisturised.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D, it’s gentle on even the most delicate skin, making it safe for babies.
  • Maternal Chrysanthemum: A powerful anti-inflammatory agent with multiple benefits. It’s an effective antioxidant and can be used to soothe allergic reactions.

When to Use

  • Baby’s skin that’s dry and rough
  • Pregnant skin that’s fragile, chapped and lacking smoothness.
  • Rashes and sensitive skin.